Technical Cooperation Scheme of the Colombo Plan

Technical Cooperation Scheme of the Colombo Plan

This scheme is administered on behalf of the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of External Affairs and is meant for students who are nationals of Asian countries.

Under the TCS of the Colombo Plan, scholarships are awarded to the candidates of the following countries:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand.

According to the scheme, scholarships are offered for under-graduate, post-graduate and research towards a Ph.D. degree. At the under-graduate level a few scholarships are also available for engineering degrees or diploma courses.

The scholarships in this scheme are of two categories,

  • Category I: This category is for training of officers coming for short or medium-term courses.
  • Category II: This is meant for students, trainees, undergraduates and postgraduates coming for short, medium or long-term courses.

The duration of courses is as follows:

  • One year or less
  • Up to two years
  • More than two years

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